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Rahul Phate's Innovation : Sea Algae gel
₹ 280.00
Rahul Phate's Keratosmooth de-keratiniser.
₹ 495.00
Rahul Phate's AHA Smooth-N-Glow Skin Lightening Face Wash.
₹ 165.00
Rahul Phate's Perfect combination which imparts excellent skin care. Aloe juice has healing properties. Sea weed extracts are hydrating. Wheat Germ oil and Vitamin E provide Anti-oxidant protection. Lavender oil imparts complete rejuvenation and has anti scarring properties.
₹ 200.00
Rahul Phate's ANA Zoom Coconut Care Cream is a scientifically developed cream ideal for a hair spa. This cream is made from pure Coconut oil which is blended with Silicones for the perfect protection and repair for your hair. It is the best softening and hydrating solution for soft, silky and smooth hair.
₹ 180.00
Rahul Phate's Aneeha Skin Clear Cream is fortified with AHA and Allantoin for lightening the dark patches and Under eye dark circles.
₹ 240.00